Music students with music stands

Chamber Ensembles

String Ensemble (MUS 337)
Brass Ensemble (MUS 338)
Woodwind Ensemble (MUS 339)
Schedule: TBA
Location: TBA
Credits: 1
Director: Ellen Barnum
Audition: Required


Small performing groups such as the woodwind, brass, and string ensembles give students the opportunity to explore the wealth of repertoire that has been written for smaller instrumental combinations. Typical ensembles include the Buffalo State Saxophone Quartet, Clarinet Choir, Flute Trio, Brass Quintet, and String Quartet, all of which play music from a broad spectrum of styles, by composers as various as Mozart, Villa-Lobos, Beethoven, Lennon-McCartney, Nelhybel, Bach, and Jobim. Students in these groups enjoy the challenge and rewards of playing one-on-a-part, and perform not only in concert situations but also for college and community events such as receptions and awards ceremonies.